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Thomas McCoy, MD

  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Harvard Medical School

I am in my final year of adult psychiatry residency in the MGH/McLean residency program and a fellow in Roy Perlis's lab at the MGH Center for Experimental Drugs and Diagnostics (CEDD). I came to MGH by way of Dartmouth and Cornell and plan to stay on in Dr. Perlis's lab next year. My research interest is in the application of methods drawn from computer science to the artifacts of routine care. Specifically, I use electronic medical records as a means of enriching the conceptual space in which psychiatric questions are asked and answered. Over the course of residency, I have worked in two main areas: extracting multidimensional psychiatric phenotypes from free text clinical documentation, and defining a multidimensional physiological effect space for medications based on their side effects. 

My current work is in parallel with the Perlis/Kohane Center for Excellence in Genomic Science (CEGS). I am developing methods for estimating multidimensional symptom burden using natural language processing techniques informed by the NIMH RDoC concept space as a means of measuring psychiatric states in the historical medical record of subjects participating in the CEGS projects. I am also leveraging ubiquitous computing as a means of higher frequency prospective quantitative symptom measurements in this population. 

Clinically, I am interested in psychiatric disorders in the medically ill. I am chief resident of the MGH Psychiatric Consult Service and plan to continue this work with a small clinic next year. The majority of my time in the CEDD will be supported by my Stanley Center foundation grant, which will provide me with significant protected research time while I apply for an NIMH career development award.